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Emperor Mosaic Tiles

Emperor Mosaic Tiles


The Price Displayed Above is Per Tile

Size: 30cm x 30cm
Material: Stone and Glass Mosaic
Finish: Glass
Size (cm): 30cm x 30cm
Thickness (mm): 6mm
Suitability: Wall & Floor


Available size: 300*300*8mm ( other size as the customer request )

Usage: Suitable for Mural, Art wall, Fireplace, Garden, Office, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, SPA room, Laundry room, Coffee Shop, Meeting Room, Dinning Room, Dormitory,  Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Swimming pool, Art spelling a flower etc. Mosaic is the earliest it is to be a set with art, in small stones and shells, tile, glass and other non-ferrous embedded application of wall surface or on the floor in the scale design to express a kind of art.